The cost today of launching a technology company is so low that just about anyone can do it. Almost anyone, that is.


WHAT is cofounder venture partners?

Unfortunately, to build a prototype and get funding, you need to have technical skills or find a partner who does. Finding that partner is sometimes so difficult, it’s impossible




CoFounder Venture Partners (CVP) democratizes entrepreneurship by providing the engineering talent non-technical entrepreneurs need to launch great companies.

Why cofounder venture partners?

As entrepreneurs and investors, we at CVP understand the entrepreneurial economy first hand. To launch a successful company, you not only need an innovative idea, you also need a working prototype.


If you're a non-technical product manager or chief operating officer who has dreamed up the next great startup, you could spend a few months looking for a partner who just happens to be technical, available, shares your vision and thrives in a startup environment.


You could try to hire freelance engineers who you will have to manage from afar. Neither of these are very attractive options.


If we choose your project, we'll supply a team of engineers and we take a stake in your company. If your product gains traction, you'll have an engineering team in place when you go for your Series A, B and beyond.


You come to us. As experienced investors, entrepreneurs and engineers, we understand what it takes to create successful internet businesses.

If we decide to fund your venture, we take a stake in your company and provide you with an engineering team based in Vietnam. We pay all the development costs up front.

We help manage those engineers but they're your team. You always have the right to employ your engineers directly and they would go with you if you get acquired.

You can work alongside the engineers in Vietnam, remotely or both. Don't worry: we have decades of cross-border technology management experience and we'll help you through it.

This is our investment in you. We only make money when you make money. We invest because we believe in you. We believe in your idea. We believe in your company.


If there's a good fit between us - the benefits of partnering with CVP are:


There's no cost (beyond equity) to get the minimum viable product (MVP) built. Upon funding, the MVP is 100% yours. We will negotiate a stake in your company.


The technical team members are yours: After you receive funding, you just pay for their fully loaded cost, which is about a fifth of the cost of engineers in the United States. If you stay, CVP can further help you grow and manage the team.


CVP will provide top-notch product and marketing people who will help refine and launch your MVP.


As your company grows, we'll help you scale your development team. We also help you master remote development through our well-defined processes and proprietary agile development tools.

If you're a non-technical founder - or you're technical, but not longer hands on - and have a great disruptive idea, please email an executive summary detailing your product or service. Don't forget to include your background and biographical information. Who you are is just as important as your idea. We're investing in you.



"Without a technical cofounder, even an excellent business entrepreneur with a brilliant business idea will have a difficult time developing a working prototype. CVP will help great potential founders develop the prototypes they need. In some cases, we can develop a fully functional 1.0 release that can go into customer trials and even into revenue generation."


Board Director

  • Ben Ng is a venture partner with SAIF Partners. He joined in 2006 as a general partner and has invested in early stage and growth stage companies across multiple industries in both China and Silicon Valley.

  • Before SAIF, he headed venture investment for Cisco Systems in the Asia Pacific. Prior to Cisco, he was a cofounder of Metaplex, a communication software company that was acquired by Cisco in 1996.

  • As a native of Vietnam and a child of ethnically Chinese parents, Ben has a strong emotional connection to Vietnam. He believes the depth of technical talent in the country is a tremendous asset to the global venture communities.

  • As a venture capitalist, Ben sees the dilemma non-technical founders face when trying to get their business ideas funded.

  • In the fund raising business, there is a huge difference between showing a proposal through a PowerPoint presentation and proving a business model with a fully functional prototype.

  • Ben sees CVP creating a new outsourcing model that is directly addressing a gap in the global venture startup communities.

"CVP is my chance to help all those great entrepreneurs who have the intelligence, the passion, and the drive to build great companies, but just can't get the darn thing going because they can't build the actual software."


Board Director

  • Justin Nguyen is an operating advisor at Monk’s Hill Ventures. Previously, he was cofounder and CEO Aspect Gaming and has over two decades of Silicon Valley and Asia work experience. He's an engineer, a senior manager and an angel investor. "My entire career has essentially been about entrepreneurship," Justin says. “I joined a lone (non-technical) founder fresh out of school and I’ve been hooked building companies ever since."

  • Before cofounding Aspect Gaming, Justin held concurrent roles as CEO of StarCite (Shanghai) Ltd. and senior vice president of Engineering of StarCite, Inc. – starting when there was just a handful of employees working from the founder’s home. He was also an early employee at Silicon Gaming and MaxInfo and did his bachelor’s studies in computer engineering at the California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo.

  • As a venture investor and a former engineer, Justin understands the need for technical cofounders. “I’m the guy that people come to and say, ‘Justin, I’ve got this great idea. Will you help me build it?’" Unfortunately, Justin has had to say no a lot – even when he loves the idea and the team.

  • “I’ve been asked so many times to co-found ventures with friends and associates and I always hate turning them away. It’s even worse to see them try and fail because they don’t have the technical skills." So he decided to do something about it – help form CVP.

  • “CVP is my chance to help all those great entrepreneurs who have the intelligence, the passion, and the drive to build great companies, but just can’t get the darn thing going because they can’t build the actual software."

"I know how difficult it is for startups to find their engineering team. Vietnam has plenty of top technical talent and has the potential to become a regional R&D hub. I see CVP being the best way to showcase that to the world."



  • When Stefan van der Bijl was a pre-teen growing up in Ecuador, his parents gave him a Texas Instruments computer. It brought him “a little slice of the new world.”

    He built a program for his mom, a French teacher, to help her compute grade point averages, learning then how computers could effect positive change. “It saved her hours of work,” Stefan says.

    Stefan is every bit as passionate about technology today as he was in his youth.

  • The engineering talent in Vietnam is undisputed. But beyond that, Stefan is drawn to the vibrancy of a growing, young country that boasts a solid educational system, great food, and beaches.

    “Vietnam has many elements to become something big.” he says. “It is poised to make huge strides and could become the new Silicon Valley of Asia.”

    That’s important to Stefan, who has devoted his career to helping build technology companies from Singapore to Silicon Valley, focusing on the internet, content and ecommerce.

  • With two independent consulting firms and startups under his belt, Stefan understands the challenges that companies face.

    In Singapore Stefan launched a startup that disrupted the traditional affiliate content monetization model, and a company that focused on social web-signage.

    On the other side of the globe, in California, Stefan’s software consulting company focused on projects in agri-tech, semiconductor fabrication automation, ad networks, and ecommerce.

  • Stefan is thrilled to be part of CVP’s team, where he can “work with with fellow entrepreneurs on their big hairy audacious goals.” "I'm here. I love it,” Stefan says. Plus, he adds, “Startup entrepreneurs can stretch their dollar a lot farther in Vietnam.”

  • An alumna of Occidental College where he got his degree in physics, Stefan also has worked with Kallout Inc (in-app contextual web search), (Facebook ad network), Tanimura & Antle (agri-tech, Walmart track-and-trace), Intrabay Automation (semiconductors), (photography site), (ecommerce from print-only catalogs), and (ecommerce).

"CVP’s unique venture builder model provides me with the perfect opportunity to utilize my skills. Not only am I able to source and analyze promising ideas, I also get to serve an operational role turning them into real companies."


Investment Associate

  • Michael Do, a member of the Investment Team, is a former product manager and investment banker. Michael’s background helps him tremendously in searching for compelling products and business models.

    Michael’s formative years were spent in United States, but he recently moved to Vietnam, drawn by its wealth of opportunities.

  • “I grew up listening to stories about how my father built his electronics wholesale business in Vietnam. And, ever since then, I’ve had a profound interest in entrepreneurship in Vietnam and purposefully shaped my experience to be here today.”

  • Michael was a Presidential Scholar at the University of Southern California, where he earned a Bachelor's in Business Administration. He was a participant in the Global Leadership Program, a seminar offered to the top 10% of students at the Marshall School of Business.

  • Michael started his career as an investment banker at Lazard, advising Fortune 500 companies on capital structure management strategies. He then moved to product management at MZ, where he managed monetization strategies for the company’s top 10 grossing games on iOS and Android.

"Hailing from an emerging market myself, I love that CVP has afforded me the opportunity to help find, fund, and work with entrepreneurs who are driving this emerging market."



  • Morgan Wedderburn-Maxwell is a member of the Investment Team and helps the firm evaluate opportunities in established and emerging technologies, like blockchain. As an avid crypto-enthusiast, Morgan has been investing in and mining cryptocurrencies for the past several years.

  • Morgan’s passion for entrepreneurship formed early on at childhood and ultimately lead him to settle in Vietnam.

  • “I love that entrepreneurship is embedded deep within Vietnams culture. Everywhere you look, there are entrepreneurs creating employment and uplifting their lives and their communities.”

  • Morgan spent his formative years in South Africa where he graduated from Rhodes University with BCOM, PDEM and MBA degrees.

"I was immediately drawn to the CVP mission of helping entrepreneurs and relish the idea that I can help them set a financial foundation for success, while freeing them to do what they do best - build companies."



  • Thai Truong has nearly 10 years of experiences in audit, accounting, tax and human resource management from two of the world's leading accounting/advisory and business process outsourcing firms.

  • “I was immediately drawn to the CVP mission of helping entrepreneurs and relish that I can help them set a financial foundation for success, while freeing them to do what they do best – build companies," Thai says.

  • Prior to CVP, Thai led the business service department at TMF, providing accounting, payroll and tax compliance services to a large number of multinational companies operating in Vietnam.

  • Thai started her career in auditing and assurance services in Vietnam and New Zealand at Grant Thornton, the world’s fifth largest accounting and advisory firm. As an audit manager, Thai was involved with assignments for a wide range of multinational and local companies in various industries and geographies, spanning Vietnam, New Zealand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

  • Thai is a Certified Public Accountant in Vietnam and a member of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountant in the UK.





If you're a non-technical founder or you're technical, but no longer hands on and have a great disruptive idea, please email an executive summary detailing your product or service to
Don't forget to include your background and biographical information. Who you are is just as important as your idea. We've investing in you.


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