Investment Analyst

Job Description:

This position will engage in a broad range of activities including: supporting the investment process (market research, analysis, modeling financials, due diligence, etc.), supporting CoFounder portfolio companies, and generally pushing the CoFounder mission within the startup ecosystem, including at various industry events across the globe.

The ideal candidate is naturally curios, intelligent, and super passionate about technology startups and the digital world in general. In addition, the candidate should have deep analytical skills, can offer well-defended opinions, and has superb personal and professional integrity and ethics. Within the startup ecosystem, the candidate should have already built the beginnings of a solid network, particularly among young entrepreneurs, hackers and makers. The role is intended to be a three-year program, after which we hope you’ll launch a company with us.

Experience and Qualifications (required unless otherwise noted):

  • Two to three years of professional experience, preferably obtained in a successful internet/tech startup or in management consulting.
  • Excellent verbal & written communication skills in English and Vietnamese.
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration or a technical field and an MBA is preferred.

Other desirable personal qualities and skills:

  • Have a background in computer science (or have taught yourself to code) or in product management / design (web, mobile).
  • Have created a technology project professionally or on the side.
  • Have previous experience in user acquisition and search engine / social media optimization and marketing, including user engagement, A/B testing, funnel analytics, etc.
  • Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Have demonstrated attitude and aptitude for an energetic start-up environment.
  • Have other Asian language skills (verbal and/or written).

To apply, click below and point us to your LinkedIn profile, your blog, and any site where you are active (Twitter, Quora, Github, etc.).

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To apply, please email and point us to your LinkedIn profile, your blog, and any site where you are active (Twitter, Quora, Github, etc.).

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